Jihyoon Yoon

Jihyoon is a professional architect. He received a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from Harvard University and a Master in Architect degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is a visionary. He has won several idea competitions focusing on environmental sustainability, potentiating a limited space, and design aesthetics. 

He is a traveler. He has traveled through five continents, twenty plus countries, with and without his pilot father. Stepping into the unfamiliar places, he encompassed himself with the locals and found many different perspective of the self.

At heart, he is an artist. His passion for art started since he was a boy. His relatives saw a 10 year old making furnitures and gadgets around the house and called him a talented one. He draws as memories of different places emerge from a sense of smell, taste, or touch. His journey as an artist continues as he seeks for a relationship between what is seen and what is perceived.


When Jihyoon studies and designs a subject as an architect, he scrutinizes its dimension in the most accurate measurements in which attributes become immutable. What is seen in life, however, is variable by perspectives. In a perspective view, the subject's lines are distorted and spatial value is created. Many times, he finds himself appreciating a beauty of perspective, not an accurate dimension. It raises a question of what is a true meaning of the substance. Drawing in a perspective view is his journey to find the answer to that question.

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